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Adult Invisalign® in Atlanta, GA

If you want to correct your teeth, but would feel self-conscious wearing braces as an adult, Invisalign® clear braces may be the solution for you. Preferred Invisalign® Providers, Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar of iClear Orthodontics located in Alpharetta, Roswell, and Kennesaw, are here to help residents of Atlanta get the confident, healthy smile that they want.

What is Adult Invisalign®?

Although misaligned teeth or a bite that is not corrected can have both physical and emotional consequences, many adults are reluctant to seek orthodontic treatment. The idea of having a mouth full of metal at a business meeting or looking like an awkward teenager at a formal event can be daunting. Adult Invisalign® was invented to give adults straight, healthy teeth with removable clear aligners that are barely visible.

What are the Benefits of Adult Invisalign®?

A variety of reasons exists why adults want straighter teeth. Some did not get braces as a child but wish they had, and others did not wear their retainers, and their teeth reverted back to their initial position. Regardless of the reason why you want to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® clear braces offer a host of physical and emotional benefits.

Physical Benefits of Adult Invisalign®

  • Improves dental health – Adult Invisalign® clear aligners correct crowded teeth and bite issues that lead to plaque build-up, cavities, and gum disease.
  • Acts as a bite guard – If you grind or clench your teeth, Invisalign® adult will protect your teeth from damage.
  • Allows good oral hygiene – Invisalign® clear aligners are removed for brushing and flossing so adult patients can maintain good dental hygiene routines while undergoing treatment.
  • Straightens your teeth comfortably – Adult Invisalign® aligners are smooth and comfortable without any brackets or wires to break or cause irritation.
  • Lets you enjoy all your favorite foods – Invisalign® clear aligners are removed when eating so you can continue to maintain a healthy diet including carrots, celery and apples while undergoing treatment.
  • Fits into your schedule – Today’s busy lifestyles are not conducive to scheduling extra appointments. Adult Invisalign® requires fewer visits to the orthodontist’s office for check-ups than braces.

Emotional Benefits of Adult Invisalign®

  • Improves self-esteem – Clear Invisalign® aligners look like a whitening tray and are barely noticeable. Whether you are at work, volunteering or out on the town, your straighteners will be discrete while your smile gradually improves.
  • Boosts confidence – Research has demonstrated that adults with confident smiles can be more successful at work and in personal relationships.
  • Relieves stress – Did you know that smiling more often makes you healthier? Smiling is a proven stress reliever.

What can I Expect from Adult Invisalign®?

First, photographs, X-rays and digital 3D impressions using the iTero® Element™ and 3M™ True Definition Scanner are taken. Then, Dr. Ruchir Patel or Dr. Kal Thakkar from iClear Orthodontics will have a series of aligner trays custom made for you. You will wear your Invisalign® clear aligners for at least 22 hours every day, removing them solely for eating and cleaning. Every two weeks, you will use a new set of aligners. Every six weeks, you will visit your orthodontist so your progress can be checked and any necessary adjustments can be made to your plan. The process will continue until your treatment is complete. Treatment time varies based on each individual’s case, however, the average adult uses Invisalign® clear braces for approximately 13 months.

Is Adult Invisalign® Right for Me?

Invisalign® technology works best on adults who need slight to moderate orthodontic improvements. Invisalign® clear braces have successfully treated adults who have gapped, crowded and crooked teeth. Preferred Invisalign® Providers, Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar can help you determine whether you would be a good candidate.

How Much Does Adult Invisalign® Cost in Atlanta, GA?

Adult Invisalign® treatment costs about the same as braces would cost. Like braces, treatment cost varies by patient depending upon factors, such as the number of aligner sets required and length of treatment. During your consultation at iClear Orthodontics, Dr. Patel and Dr. Thakkar will determine the cost of your Invisalign® treatment.

Dental insurance sometimes covers a portion or the full cost of adult Invisalign®, so it is important to check your policy’s coverage. If you have Flexible Spending Account dollars available through your employer, your pre-tax dollars can be applied to the cost of adult Invisalign® treatment.

To give all patients access to quality orthodontic treatment, iClear Orthodontics offers many payment plans to help make Invisalign® treatment more affordable for all adults.  iClear Orthodontics offers interest-free in-house financing which divides the total cost of treatment into reasonable monthly payments for the duration of your treatment.

Options also exist to extend payments beyond your treatment period. In addition to traditional credit cards, iClear Orthodontics accepts CareCredit® cards that extend financing up to 60 months with a reduced APR and fixed monthly payments.  Customizable OrthoFi is available to design a flexible payment plan. With OrthoFi, you are able to select the down payment and ongoing monthly payment amounts.

If you live in the Greater Atlanta area and would like to find out how you can benefit from adult Invisalign®, contact Dr. Ruchir Patel or Dr. Kal Thakkar at one of our convenient iClear locations in Alpharetta, Roswell or Kennesaw, Monday through Saturday.

"I am another happy patient at iClear Orthodontics! I am in invisalign treatment and can already see changes in 4 months! I have been to both Roswell and Alpharetta locations and they are very contemporary and up to date! 5 stars all the way!" - Emily Thomas
"Dr. Patel and his staff are incredible! We (I and my 12 year old daughter) recommend his orthodontic services to everyone we know when they say they need orthodontics done right. The staff at his office is friendly, and they know how to answer questions, which goes a long way toward feeling comfortable with an orthodontist. Our 12 year old child now has a beautiful smile, and it’s all thanks to his excellent care. He never recommends orthodontic treatment unless it's needed, and that really makes a difference. Our 2nd…" - Kimberly T
"Dr. Thakkar and the staff at iClear Orthodontics are completely professional, from start to finish. They explain the process, the treatments, and even go over our insurance with us so that we know how our claims will be handled. There were no questions that didn’t have an answer, and by the time we left his office, I was sure that I wouldn’t want to send my kids to anyone else for the services he offers" - Justin D. Thomson
"We love visiting their Kennesaw location... Great staff, very pleasant and honest orthodontist and our 10 year old loves Dr Patel! Only issue we have sometimes is traffic at 5pm... We try to schedule our appointments around 3:30 to beat the Chastain Rd traffic." - Karen Houstin