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Braces Before and After Pictures in Atlanta, GA

iClear Orthodontics is a leader in orthodontic care, serving patients of all ages from Roswell, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, and the Greater Atlanta area. At iClear Orthodontics, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments, ranging from traditional metal braces to newer and innovative orthodontic technologies such as WildSmiles®. The knowledgeable and accommodating staff members at iClear Orthodontics are led by orthodontic specialists Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar, and our entire team is committed to the lifelong health of your family’s smile.

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Conventional metal braces were the first orthodontic device designed to move and straighten the teeth to correct crooked, protruding, and poorly aligned smiles. Braces straighten and align the teeth and create a healthier, more attractive smile by gradually remodeling the dental bones and moving the teeth into their proper position. From traditional metal braces to ceramic, lingual, and WildSmiles® braces, there are so many types of braces to choose from to straighten your teeth and achieve the results you desire.

Today, orthodontic treatment is convenient for all ages, and braces are no longer associated solely with adolescence. In fact, more than 20 percent of orthodontic patients are over the age of 21! We have several adult patients who’ve chosen to improve the health and appearance of their smile, and we have several orthodontic systems to choose from that accommodate busier adult lifestyles. Regardless of one’s age, orthodontic care provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Less strain on the jaw muscles and/or joints
  • Properly aligned and spaced teeth
  • An attractive and eye-catching smile
  • Better oral health and hygiene
  • An increase in self-confidence
  • Relief of jaw pain and pressure due to an improper bite
"I am another happy patient at iClear Orthodontics! I am in invisalign treatment and can already see changes in 4 months! I have been to both Roswell and Alpharetta locations and they are very contemporary and up to date! 5 stars all the way!" - Emily Thomas
"Dr. Patel and his staff are incredible! We (I and my 12 year old daughter) recommend his orthodontic services to everyone we know when they say they need orthodontics done right. The staff at his office is friendly, and they know how to answer questions, which goes a long way toward feeling comfortable with an orthodontist. Our 12 year old child now has a beautiful smile, and it’s all thanks to his excellent care. He never recommends orthodontic treatment unless it's needed, and that really makes a difference. Our 2nd…" - Kimberly T
"Dr. Thakkar and the staff at iClear Orthodontics are completely professional, from start to finish. They explain the process, the treatments, and even go over our insurance with us so that we know how our claims will be handled. There were no questions that didn’t have an answer, and by the time we left his office, I was sure that I wouldn’t want to send my kids to anyone else for the services he offers" - Justin D. Thomson
"We love visiting their Kennesaw location... Great staff, very pleasant and honest orthodontist and our 10 year old loves Dr Patel! Only issue we have sometimes is traffic at 5pm... We try to schedule our appointments around 3:30 to beat the Chastain Rd traffic." - Karen Houstin