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Hawley Retainer in Atlanta, GA

Time-tested Hawley retainers have functional benefits that may make them a better retainer choice for you or a family member. Hawley retainers can be used to enhance the alignment of your teeth once your braces have been removed. They can even guide your teeth back into place if you have failed to wear your retainers faithfully. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to know whether Hawley retainers would be useful in your situation, contact board-certified orthodontists Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar at iClear Orthodontics, conveniently located in Alpharetta, Roswell, and Kennesaw.

What Are Hawley Retainers?

Hawley retainers are removable retainers made out of acrylic and wire. The acrylic is molded to fit inside the arches of your mouth, and the wire goes in front of your teeth to hold them in place. The wire makes the retainer visible to others. Hawley retainers are adjustable, so if necessary Dr. Patel and Dr. Thakkar can use them to put the finishing touches on your teeth after your braces are removed.

The Benefits of Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers may not be as popular as clear retainers because Hawley retainers are more noticeable, however, Hawley retainers do have many advantages. A few of the benefits include:

  • Adjustable – Because the wires can be bent, Hawley retainers can be used to slightly move your teeth. This feature allows your orthodontist to use retainers to manipulate one tooth that is out of place or to tweak your teeth after your braces have been removed.
  • Customizable – You can add fun pictures, sparkles and bright colors to the arches of your retainers.
  • Durable – With proper care, Hawley retainers last for a long time.
  • Easy to Maintain – Cleaning Hawley retainers is
  • Bite Friendly – Hawley retainers allow teeth to touch in a natural way.

Why Would Someone Choose Hawley Retainers?

Hawley retainers are worn by patients of all ages. They are an especially good choice for people who have worn palatal expanders because they hold the arches in place. They are also a good option for patients who grind their teeth or are missing teeth. A fake tooth can be added to the retainer to reside in the space normally occupied by a missing baby tooth until the new permanent tooth erupts.

Hawley retainers can interfere with speech due to the thickness of the acrylic. Speech issues typically resolve within a short period once patients get accustomed to speaking while wearing their retainers.

How Do I Care for My Hawley Retainers?

Caring for Hawley retainers is easy. Your retainer should be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and warm running water.  Toothpaste is not recommended since toothpaste is abrasive and could damage your retainer. Hand soap or detergent is preferred, but must be rinsed well prior to reinserting the retainer. Denture tablets may be used as well.

When at school or work, remember to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out prior to putting your retainers back in after eating to prevent food particles from getting trapped.

Most importantly, be sure keep your retainers in their case when they are not being worn. Doing so will prevent loss or accidentally throwing your retainers away.

How Long Will I Have to Wear Hawley Retainers?

When you get your retainers from iClear Orthodontics, all necessary instructions and information will be provided. Keep in mind that teeth are mobile and can move, even in adults. Maintaining the look you get when your braces are first removed may require a long commitment to wearing retainers.

How Much Do Hawley Retainers Cost in Atlanta, GA?

If you get braces, one set of Hawley retainers is included in the cost of your overall plan.  If you are just getting Hawley retainers without any other treatment, iClear Orthodontics will give you a cost estimate just for your retainers.

Dental insurance sometimes covers a portion or the full cost of Hawley retainers, so it is important to check your policy’s coverage. If you have Flexible Spending Account dollars available through your employer, your pre-tax dollars can be applied to the cost of retainers.

To give all patients access to quality orthodontic treatment, iClear Orthodontics offers many payment plans to help make orthodontic treatment more affordable for all families. iClear Orthodontics offers interest-free in-house financing, which divides the total cost of treatment into reasonable monthly payments for the duration of your treatment.

Options also exist to extend payments beyond your treatment period. In addition to traditional credit cards, iClear Orthodontics accepts CareCredit® cards that extend financing up to 60 months with a reduced APR and fixed monthly payments.  Customizable OrthoFi is available to design a flexible payment plan. With OrthoFi, you are able to select the down payment and ongoing monthly payment amounts.

For many patients in the Greater Atlanta area, Hawley retainers are the practical choice.  Contact Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar at iClear Orthodontics, conveniently located in Alpharetta, Roswell and Kennesaw for more information about whether Hawley retainers would be best for you.    

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