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Metal Braces in Atlanta, GA

Although many different types of braces have been introduced throughout the years, metal braces are still the most versatile and most often used braces in Atlanta. Regardless of your age or orthodontic issue, metal braces get the job done, effectively and efficiently. Visit Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar at iClear Orthodontics, conveniently located in Alpharetta, Roswell and Kennesaw to learn about how metal braces can work for you.  

What Are Metal Braces?

Conventional metal braces are used in orthodontics to manipulate patients’ teeth into place using gradual tension. They are made out of a safe high-grade surgical stainless steel.

Metal braces are attached to patients’ teeth using steel brackets that are connected by metal wires. The wires, adjusted on a continual basis, are what slowly shift the teeth into the desired position. Rubber bands hold the wires in place and are changed during every appointment when adjustments are made. The rubber bands are available in a wide range of colors and can make the process of wearing braces a little more fun.

Benefits of Metal Braces

When most people think of orthodontia, metal braces are typically what come to mind.  Metal braces correct a wide range of orthodontic issues ranging from mild to severe. Metal braces are the least expensive type of braces, they are sturdy, and they are effective. Because the design of metal braces is continually being improved, metal braces available today are smaller, thinner and more comfortable to wear than those available years ago.

What Are Metal Braces Made Of?

High-quality stainless steel or titanium is used to make metal braces. The three main parts of braces include:

  • A base – Brackets are bonded to the teeth with special dental glue that keeps the brackets in place.
  • A connector – Archwire is a thin metal wire that is woven through each bracket. The archwire applies pressure to the teeth to guide them into the proper place.
  • Reinforcement – Rubber bands or ligature elastic are colored ties that keep the archwires attached to the brackets. These rubber bands or elastics are changed during every office visit and are available in a multitude of colors.

What Is the Procedure for Braces?

Getting braces put on involves attaching necessary bands, brackets, and archwire to your teeth. This can take anywhere from one to two hours. During the treatment, brackets will be bonded to your teeth using a special conditioner, primer, and glue. Ultraviolet light may be used to aid in the drying process. Wires are then threaded through your brackets and rubber bands or ligature elastic may be added.

In some cases, separators, also known as spacers, are inserted for a week prior to attaching braces. The separators make a gap between your back molars to make space for anchoring bands or to leave space in anticipation of upcoming tooth movement.

Rubber bands, headgear or other appliances may be used in conjunction with your braces. If this is the case, Dr. Patel and Dr. Thakkar will teach you how to care for your accessories so you feel comfortable knowing what to do once you get home.

Getting your braces on is painless, but you may experience some soreness from the tension on your teeth once you get home. The sensation is normal and will go away within a couple of days. In the meanwhile, over the counter ibuprofen typically helps alleviate any symptoms.

How Braces Work

Tightening the wires on metal braces exerts a force on the teeth to push them into the proper configuration. It is likely that your wires will get adjusted at every appointment.  Some patients’ teeth need some extra help getting into position. In these cases, rubber bands or other devices may be used in conjunction with your braces.

Are Metal Braces Right for Me?

Metal braces are used on children, teens and adults, and work like a charm whether your teeth need a slight adjustment or if your bite needs a big overhaul. Orthodontists often prefer working with conventional metal braces because they have been around so long and the results have been proven. The best way to know if you or a family member is a candidate for braces is by visiting iClear Orthodontics for an evaluation.

How Much Do Metal Braces Cost in Atlanta, GA?

Metal braces are the least expensive of all braces types. The cost of metal braces varies based on the severity of your malocclusion, the length of your treatment, whether any additional devices are required and other factors.

Dental insurance sometimes covers a portion or the full cost of metal braces, so it is important to check your policy’s coverage.  If you have Flexible Spending Account dollars available through your employer, your pre-tax dollars can be applied to the cost of metal braces.

To give all patients access to quality orthodontic treatment, iClear Orthodontics offers many payment plans to help make metal braces more affordable.  iClear Orthodontics offers interest-free in-house financing which divides the total cost of treatment into reasonable monthly payments for the duration of your treatment.

Options also exist to extend payments beyond your treatment period. In addition to traditional credit cards, iClear Orthodontics accepts CareCredit® cards that extend financing up to 60 months with a reduced APR and fixed monthly payments. Customizable OrthoFi is available to design a flexible payment plan. With OrthoFi, you are able to select the down payment and ongoing monthly payment amounts.

Traditional metal braces are still the most commonly used. They are the fastest and most cost-effective way to move your teeth and bite into position.  If you live in the Greater Atlanta area and are ready to transform your smile, contact Dr. Ruchir Patel and Dr. Kal Thakkar at iClear Orthodontics conveniently located in Alpharetta, Roswell, and Kennesaw for a complimentary consultation.

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"Dr. Patel and his staff are incredible! We (I and my 12 year old daughter) recommend his orthodontic services to everyone we know when they say they need orthodontics done right. The staff at his office is friendly, and they know how to answer questions, which goes a long way toward feeling comfortable with an orthodontist. Our 12 year old child now has a beautiful smile, and it’s all thanks to his excellent care. He never recommends orthodontic treatment unless it's needed, and that really makes a difference. Our 2nd…" - Kimberly T
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